DroidCam app Review

Webcam using your android device

rally very useful application if your working in some PC that not has built-in webcam you can use this application over WIFI or using the USB cable as webcam.

in general, the application 47,690 users review with 4.5 stars which is very good for these types of app

Positive points in DroidCam app (+)

  • IP cam not needed anymore with this app especially for home use (fully alternative of the webcam )
  • very easy to use and the simple setting is very important to point
  • simple security if the user use public wifi using username and password
  • I like this user (Dr. Mu. DHANASEKARAN) review and copied it as it is because it really has good thankful words to the DroidCam app “I tried many Webcam Software. I Purchased Pro after trying this. Honestly, this is best one as affordable, with simple & neat Interface, Zooming helps to cover the Green Screen Background, Brightness, Contrast and WB level makes face more appealing, USB link makes the Phone cool and charging, Visuals stable @ 720P 16.9 . I use my old Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as dedicated Webcam after removing all unnecessary Apps or disabling them. Use the OBS Studio for recording if required.”

Negative points in DroidCam app (-)

  • effect of opening camera long time is the low mobile battery which can be fixed by plugging in the power to your phone
  • user not able to get video in the different orientation it covers only one position!
  • in some cases the video is very delayed, I am not sure is it problen in the app or in user network traffic