Text or Die: text game

Text or Die: text game

one of the games by Rollic Games collected 10 million downloads with a 4.0 stars rate.

Features :

Just answer the question with the longest answer to building a tower and get scaped from raising water.

also, you need to avoid getting eaten!!.

•Join a tournament
•Start typing words
•Type the longest words and build the highest blocks
•Survive each round as the water rises
•Become the ultimate word text machine!

they’re a lot of positive reviews and also some negative reviews.

Positive reviews:

review by Steven Solorio:

I love this game its full of amazing trivia questions! And there’s nothing bad about it either! We’ll despite the ads.. there’s TOO MANY ADS! everywhere like in the middle of a round end or beginning! So I think it’s fun but the ads mostly ruin it all. I think this is relateable-

review by Whitnie Woodard :

Normally I would rate it less stars but there is a way around the ads, ALL of the ads. Just turn your phone to airplane mode and even if you have phone service or are connected to a wifi network it stops providing you internet allowing for the ads to not be able to be displayed while airplane mode is on. Hope this helps with ad problems: :D!!!

Negative review :

here we hi-lite the latest negative review by Natasha Verity :

Enjoyed the game itself, found it very fun and addictive. But there are just way too many ads! There are ads during the game (between questions and at the end of a round) AND at the end of a game. Having then at the end of a game is usually fine, but not between questions in a round as well, especially since the ads are quite long and take a while for you to go back into what feels like a fast-paced game.

another review by memer melon :

To many ads, like bruh after every round with 3 round usually per game and even after the ads after every round but then if you got the word wrong you’d have the choice to change the word with an ad. Even after all of that I sat aside the bad things but then I’d win the first round but then every round after I’d be getting beat by AI. So 1 out of 5, or 2 out of 10

But in general, the gave is very attractive and it performs very well.