Signal Private Messenger

Signal is a messaging application that places a premium on privacy. It’s a user-friendly, cost-free platform boasting robust end-to-end encryption to safeguard your communications with absolute confidentiality.

Here’s what Signal offers:

  • Effortlessly send text messages, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and files without incurring SMS or MMS charges, utilizing your phone’s data connection.
  • Initiate encrypted voice and video calls with impeccable clarity to connect with friends. Group calls are accommodated for up to 40 participants.
  • Foster connections through group chats supporting up to 1,000 members. Admin permission settings empower you to control who can post and manage group participants.
  • Share image, text, and video Stories that vanish after 24 hours, ensuring your privacy with customizable visibility settings.
  • Signal prioritizes your privacy, as evidenced by our open source Signal Protocol, which renders us incapable of reading your messages or eavesdropping on your calls. This holds true for anyone else as well, with no backdoors, data collection, or compromises.
  • We’re an independent, not-for-profit entity, setting us apart as a unique tech organization. As a 501c3 nonprofit, we rely on your donations, not advertisers or investors, for support.
  • For assistance, inquiries, or additional information, please visit
  • Explore our source code at
  • Stay updated by following us on Twitter @signalapp and Instagram @signal_app.