Reverso Translate and Learn

reverso translate and learn .

Reverso is the all in one tool that gives you top notch translations and assists you with further developing your language abilities flawlessly. It’s wizardry, and it’s free.

reverso translation and learn

reverso translate and learn .

Educators or translators , students or business experts, fledglings or progressed students use Reverso to advance their vocabulary and read, compose, and talk with more precision and certainty.

Reverso Context depends on information gathered from a huge number of genuine multilingual texts figured with incredible “large information” calculations and AI methods.

reverso translate and learn
reverso translate and learn context
reverso context .

Download the Reverso application, and you’ll have a huge number of words and articulations readily available, with their translations in different languages.

Simply type or express a word or an articulation and discover accurate translation, represented by example of real use. Then, at that point, you can easily retain the ones that are relevant to you with our learning exercises.

How context helps you better translate ?

The search results ( translations ) for a particular word or expression are weaved inside genuine sentences removed from true archives, film captions, item depictions. The models assist you with seeing how translations can differ upon setting and select the most suitable one to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Reverso goes far beyond a simple translation app, breaking new ground also in the language learning field.

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With the Reverso application, language learning becomes fun

The app includes flashcards, tests, and games created dependent on your searches to help you focus on the words and articulations that make a difference to you. They use SRS (Spaced Repetition System) picking up, empowering you to memorize new terms smoothly, without the limitations of the old-school learning strategies. forget about the boring task of studying a standard determination of words to arrive at language capability. With the Reverso application, language learning becomes fun: you play with flashcards to routinely practice the words and expressions you’ve recently found, and remember them along the way. At your own learning pace, in the constraint of your available time.

* Translation in 14 languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Turkish, Hebrew, Chinese and we are working on more.
* Search by speaking and hear back the pronunciation of the translations
* Favorites list and search history, available even offline
* Pronunciation of complete example sentences, with a native accent
* One-click to get translations, frequency details, and conjugation when applicable.
* Suggestions: words and expressions will be suggested to you as you type.
* Share your findings via email or social media.
* Verbs conjugation in 10 languages including French, Spanish, Italian but also Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew or Russian
* Synonyms to help you understand words’ meanings and expand your vocabulary
* Flashcards, quizzes, games to help you learn new vocabulary

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