AR Canvas App .

The AR Canvas application offers fun provisions that permit you to embellish spaces of unique areas with AR. Leave your own records and offer your cheerful minutes with the friends and family.

The application essentially works as a camera application, yet allows you to embed AR components to zest up your photographs. The new AR Canvas app lets you decorate the space around you with AR elements . The AR content that you add to your spaces is anchored in place for 30 days, letting you easily revisit it and make changes by simply launching the AR Canvas app and pointing your phone’s camera at the same location.

ar canvas creating scenes
Create immersive scenes wherever you go .
ar canvas reactions
Anchor and revisit your creations in your area .

∙ Provides an assortment of Fun Creative apparatuses like 3D Text, Brush, Scan, GIF Sticker, and Photo.

∙ You can leave doodles at unique areas, for example, travel objections.

∙ You can likewise innovatively enrich your own space for web based housewarming.

∙ You can leave secret directives for an extraordinary occasion at your home, your room, your study hall, your work environment, and so on

art canvas stickers
Express effortlessly with trendy stickers and 3D text .
ar canvas scanning
the app also lets you scan a flat surface to add AR elements to it.