BeReal. Your friends for real.

BeReal. Your friends for real.

Introducing BeReal, the ultimate photo-sharing app for capturing and sharing your authentic daily life with friends. Here’s what sets us apart:

Capture Your Real Moments

Every day, at a randomly selected time, you have a 2-minute window to snap a photo of your surroundings.

Dual-Camera Functionality

Our unique BeReal camera captures both a selfie and a frontal photo simultaneously, offering a more complete picture of your experiences.

Discover Real Stories

Share your BeReal photos publicly and uncover the adventures of people around you.

Take on Challenges

Some days, BeReal presents you with exciting challenges to add a fun twist to your daily snapshots.

Engage with Friends

Comment on your friend’s BeReal photos and engage in lively chats with their friends.

Express with RealMojis

React to your friend’s BeReal photos using RealMojis, personalized emoji representations of your emotions.

Locate Friends Worldwide

Use the map feature to see where your friends are in the world when they post their BeReal photos.

Revisit Memories

Access your past BeReal photos in an easily accessible archive.

Stay Connected with WidgetMoji

Keep your friends close by adding a widget to your Home Screen, allowing you to see their reactions to your BeReal photos.

iMessage RealMoji Stickers

Express yourself with RealMojis as stickers in your iMessage chats.

Important Notes

  • BeReal respects your time and values authenticity over filters.
  • We encourage your creativity with daily challenges.
  • Show your true self to your friends through BeReal.
  • Use responsibly, as BeReal can be addictive and occasionally frustrating.
  • BeReal is not a platform for seeking fame or validation.
  • Safety first: BeReal may cause accidents, so be mindful when capturing photos.
  • Pronounced “BiRil,” not “bereale” or “Bèreol.”
  • We take cheating seriously and welcome those who can beat our system to join us.
  • Your privacy is our priority; BeReal does not send your data to China.

We’re open to your questions, ideas, and feedback. Share your thoughts with us, and you might see your ideas become part of the BeReal experience.